Pet clinic

EU Pet Travel

Microchip implant

Microchip implant , laboratory tests and documents required  for your pet's travel abroad are performed in our clinic. 



High technology diagnostic procedures are performed in our clinic or  diagnostic centers we have agreement with.

Surgery and Internal Medicine

All Surgical Operations, internal medicine examination and consultations are performed in our clinic.

Vaccinations and Check-Up

A healthy-appearing pet may be hiding symptoms of a disease.

Testing can help protect pet health in the future. These check up profiles can provide baseline levels for your pet and become part of his or her medical record for future references.

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pet products:

All pet related products are available in our pet store.

pet insurance:

Our Clinic is certified pet insurance clinic of Maphre Genel Insurance. You can just visit or call us. 

pet adoptıon:
Looking for a new Best friend?

We might have a puppy, kitten, great dog or cat for you. More often than not, we have a furry little friend that needs a warm and loving home.

Stop by our clinic to see who is visiting us and if he or she might make a nice addition to your family. You can also join us on our Facebook page, where we will post photos of currently available pets


We can assist you to resolve for all unwanted pet behaviours.